How To Increase Traffic

For a long time, I have been obsessing how to increase the traffic of my blogs. Truthfully though, I think, it is every blogger’s or website owner’s obsession. Nobody wants a blog or website that has no visitors. The more the traffic, the better and the happier the blog or website owner will be. Of course, it follows that if there is more traffic, the possibility of increasing one’s website’s income increases too.

I have been reading and asking around for tips on how to increase my blogs’ traffic. I even attended bloggers’ summits last year along with my blogger-friends to know more about blogging and the mechanics on how to increase viewership and/or traffic. Those summits were quite a big help to me aside from the fact that I was able to meet other bloggers from other places. I am so looking forward for this year’s summits in the coming months.

Here are some of the tips I have gathered:
1. Content. Content. Content.
There is no substitute for good content. Good content helps increase readership. Thus, it helps increase traffic.

2. Search Engine Optimization.
Well, I am always at a lost for these words. Let me simplify, you need keywords that attract traffic. Words that can be easily found by Google or Yahoo or search engines. Tip: Use keywords that are the “most searched” from search engines.

3. Use Of Web Directory.
For a long time, I did not use any web directory until a blogger-friend suggested it. I started with registering my first blog to a free web directory and compared my second blog’s traffic, which was not registered in any web directories. The difference was very prevalent. My first blog that is on a free blog platform had better traffic than the second one which is registered in my own domain name.

Registering your blog to web directories really helps and this is most effective if your website is registered with a SEO friendly web directory because this will help in getting hits via search engines.

4. Socialize and advertise.
Register in any forum you like, social networks, blog hop, leave comments and let your website be known.


Anonymous said...

Great advice...I also believe in paying attention to your readers. I make sure I comment on all their comments. Gives it some personality i think. Aloha

Rabbit, rabbit

jennyL said...

yeah that is true.. bloghoppin, commenting and also joining memes etc. help increase traffic.. thanks for the tips

ms firefly said...

great tips!
i think leaving a comment on every blog you visit brings a sure traffic back on your site. aside from cheering up the author, you're leaving a trail of your link at the same time. ^-^
take care!