Swimwear For Our Coming Vacation

Our scheduled vacation is drawing near and I am quite excited about it. I already bought a new camera, Canon G10, and I really cannot wait to use it. I hope I could take lots of good pictures considering that the said camera received positive buyers’ reviews. I really want to compare this new camera’s performance with my old one’s.

Our planned destination is on the northern parts of the country. I really hope that we could have some really good weather on those vacation dates as me and my friends will likely spend some time in the beach and a well-known water park popular for its surf boarding facilities. Oh, to feel the sand and soak in the water and oh yes, I do hope I could actually stand on the surfboard for a few seconds or hopefully, for a few minutes without smacking my face flat on the waters!

I am now thinking if I should buy myself new beachwear aside from replacing my missing aqua shoes for our ever-present vacation pictorials. It has really been awhile since I bought myself a swimwear, as I usually prefer to wear shorts and simple tops when going to the beach. However, the last time that I went to the beach with my family, I saw some really nice swimwear worn by women and they really looked good in them.

I really envy women who can actually wear a sexy swimwear or a sexy lingerie, some even do not have the body to boast for but because of their confidence, they can actually get away wearing such sexy things. Like men, I can appreciate women who can actually flaunt their curves publicly without many qualms. I usually do not have much confidence in wearing one being so conscious about my flaws; but there were times that I would like to try that. Sometimes I think, all that will be needed would be a little derring-do. Of course, a well-designed swimwear is a must to get away with it all. I really do not need to have a body like Heidi Klum to get into some sexy swimwear. Additionally, working out regularly and a little diet will definitely help in the confidence department.


Anonymous said...

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AbBy said...

hehehehe...picture ha? kay wa pa jud ko kakita nimo nag girly2 ba...asa ang outing??? mingaw nakog outing...