Music Monday#11 Love In the Ice by DBSK

Nowadays, I am slowly discovering Asian pop most especially Korean pop via youtube. My current favorite bands nowadays are: SS501 and DBSK (Tohoshinki).

Here is the song entitled Love In The Ice by DBSK that I find really awesome. Never mind if it's hard to understand (there's the English subtitle, after all) but I really like the song and DBSK did it beautifully.

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AbBy said...

waaah, ganahan na jud siya ug ingon ani...heheheh...naa koy ipost nga music from eru..i know you'll like it. nice jud kau...

caryn said...

wow, i was surprised when they sang in japanese, as i was expecting to hear korean. hehehe. i've seen some of their posters in shibuya; i think they had a concert in tokyo a few months ago. i even saw them on tv----their japanese is really good ;-)