You don’t have to look old because of your eyewear

It is funny how people can be conscious about their looks, finding ways and means to look younger than their real age. I have been teasing an officemate of her habit of squinting her eyes trying to read our documents at work. She should have been wearing her eyeglasses but would rather do it when she is already having headaches for squinting too much. She said that eyewears make her look older so she would rather squint than always wear one. I teased her that too much squinting will create more wrinkles on her face, that should make her look older than wearing her eyeglasses always.tracking image:

Eyewears need not make one look old and out of fashion. I found quite stylish eyewears from zennioptical.com and mind you, they have good prices to offer from their wide range of eyewears. They manufacture their own frames which made their eyewears cheaper compared to others. Ordering is easy too as it can be done online.

Squinting officemate saw one that she really liked and was surprised to see a wide variety of eyeglass and frame types and styles.


RoseLLe said...

hahaha! kaibigan, ako ba'y kailangan nang manalamin? di ko kasi makita ang iyong lahok sa LP-Balingkinitan.

ako'y gabayan.

magandang araw...sanang ako'y iyong dalawin din.

MarlyMS said...

hi, im a newbie here in BW also :)but i read from a lady blogger din na she had taken some opps from BW then she thought they will not pay her but after a month, the payment was sent to her paypal.