My California vacation and car insurances

I went for a week-long vacation in California late last year and have enjoyed my stay there. Our hosts were very gracious and accommodating to us that made our trip really memorable and enjoyable. Our trip was not the “get up very early in the morning and let us always hurry” kind of vacation but it was so laid back, it actually made me feel really at home and well-rested.

Our hosts were telling us that most Californians prefer to rent a house than buy one due to very high mortgage prices around the state. Like most Americans, having a car is more important than having a house; however, it is also important that the car has good insurance coverage. For our hosts who love to drive around and see places, they prefer having their cars insured with a progressive car insurance company as it is indicative that the company is secure. I have to agree with their wise decision.

Next post..my California vacation photos!


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