La.Pis.S#2 Sour (Maasim)

Green mango. Sour, crunchy, juicy and delicious especially if it goes with a sautéed fish paste dip. If there is none, I make do with soy sauce mixed in with a bit sugar. Always guaranteed to make me drool anytime.

Green mangoes with sautéed fish paste always remind me of my high school days when ambulant vendors wait outside our school gates. Young green mangoes were then sliced thinly and sold in small portions wrapped in plastic. Walking on our way home from school, we always had them in our hands; talking and joking while crunching away on our mangoes. They can be a bit stinky but it was really good.

Here's another good-tasting, soury entry.


JMom said...

yumm, you can't have a sour event without mangoes :)

ces said...

now this is what i am talking about right? hahaha! it's sunday morning here, having my cup of coffee and i am drooling over these mangoes!

Yarn Hungry Hog said...

Mangoes are great! But I yearn for SANTOL with rock sea salt! Mangoes are getting to be more common in the U.S. Oh, but I wish there's a way to get SANTOL.
*hint*(photos please!)*hint*
My husband ate all the blueberries. So, no blueberry pie till probably next weekend. Cheesecake is more complex; remember, I'm a lazy person who lives with the motto: Five ingredients are less. Sorry, no cheesecake.
As always, I enjoy your photos.

shutterhappyjenn said...

My brother will surely drool over these!

My La.Pi.S entry is posted HERE.

Hope you could drop by!