Tuesday Travels#28 Malagos Garden Resort (more photos)

Here are more photos I took from our Malagos Garden Resort trip sometime ago..
The visitor's receiving area..

The garden by the restaurant...

As I said from my previous post, there were several installations scattered around the resort. One of the installations is called Noah's Ark which is surrounded by animal topiaries.

This huge circle is said to be one of the installations done by the National Artist Napoleon Abueva.



Adin B said...

It is so beautiful! Love the place so much.

bev said...

That's a beautiful place! visiting from TT. hope you visit my entry

Emzkie said...

wow so green and clean! so much have change in davao since i left 5 years ago. home to come home next year and visit malagos.

from TT - here is my late entry

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful garden and views too, love the smell and the sound in the garden too :-) Visiting from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the visit too.


A Mom said...

nice photos! happy weekend!

Travelholic said...

Malagos? In Calinan ba ni? Ka-nice na diha oi! So fresh and green! :)

Thanks for your join from last week's TT. Please join again; linky is now up! :)