Photography Without Photoshop

Ask any photography enthusiast if they do photoshop, likely a lot of them Photoshop their photographs. Except for this author who prefers her photographs unedited with just the watermark obscuring somewhat the view, photoshop has become such a part and parcel for anyone who ventures into photography. There are a lot of good things to be done on the said software. Amazing and awesome fit the descriptions of the said software.

God knows, how many significant pieces of life recorded in a photograph were saved by the Photoshop or by any photo editing software out there. However, for me, a good photograph is a really good one if it has not been edited or enhanced. For a professional photographer-friend, his recent discovery of Photoshop was a lifesaver. However, the time spent and lost editing his photos thru Photoshop is making him lose money. He now realizes that the best option is always to make sure to take a good photograph than rely on on any photo editing software.  As one photographer said, know your camera first before you photoshop.