Traveling Is Not Expensive

Some people will disagree but hear me out first. Sure, it takes money to get to one place to another. More especially if the destination is half the world away. Even more so, if one needs to get a visa for the country to be visited like what we did in Europe. For ordinary employees, some could only afford to travel in distant places after getting their retirement pay or after they have saved several years from their toils for the trip. In most cases, the dream to travel abroad could only take them to nearer places. This is why some people just forego their plans to travel at all. To not travel at all is akin to deciding not to learn something new again. Because traveling opens a lot of learning experience and opportunities for an individual not only to appreciate the world outside-the world different from one’s own and to live outside the comfort zone. The value of these experiences is priceless. One cannot put monetary value on how people live their daily lives, on how do their dress themselves, as well as their beliefs, culture and tradition. Traveling may need money but I cannot say it is expensive in the truest sense. Because in lieu of the cost, the learning experience and the appreciation of what is life to other people are invaluable.