Boarders And Floors

Years ago, my father opposed of the construction of additional rooms to accommodate paid boarders in our home. While it would help provide additional income to defray our household expenses, we would have to provide more security measures at home. Aside from that, having someone unrelated to the family living with us would have caused some awkward situations.

Unfortunately, my father died too soon to stop this project. We now have two lady boarders at home and I am getting worried with the security around the house. Even so, that most of us are always at work during daytime.

Additionally, there have been sticky situations that could have not happened if we did not have any other people in the house except our family. The other day, I came home and found a very wet staircase. Getting negative answers from family members, I decided to check our boarders who are living upstairs. I found one who was throwing soaped water on the wooden floor. She was supposed to be cleaning up but ended leaking water to the staircase that could have caused some accident.

I realized then that if our boarder would keep doing her style of cleaning the floors, we should plan changing our floorings upstairs. Firstly though, research is needed to know which floors are affordable and at the same time long-lasting enough. Good thing, the internet is helping a lot so I click for flooring options.

In the meantime, I asked our boarder to refrain from throwing water on the floors indiscriminately to avoid leaking water downstairs. So far she is doing that but I prefer that we stop having boarders at home.