If Only I Could Have It Sooner

Traveling for me is not only seeing new and interesting places but also meeting interesting people. Traveling is also learning about new things that I would not be able to learn if I stayed close at home. Every place always has something different to offer and to show off. For the recent Europe trip, it showed me that Europe is far more interesting and has a lot more to show off than other continents.

Part of our itinerary was the exotic Northern African kingdom of Morocco. The kingdom was known for its Berber people, exotic belly dancers and for its colorful world-renowned carpets and leathers.

We went on a tour inside what is considered the oldest medina or town in the world in the city of Fez, Morocco. There, we saw how the world-renowned Moroccan leather was made from animal skin or animal hide. The smell of tannery was bad but curiosity on how the process was made had our group tackling the labyrinthine stair of the tannery building determinedly. We also saw how such thick and exquisitely beautiful carpets were made. I could have bought one if only they were cheap. Actually, I almost bought one if not one of our tour groupmates prevented me when she told us that she bought her own exquisite carpets by checking online on Shop deals & savings today!

She was right about the more affordable but similarly beautiful carpets when I checked online. Good thing that impulsiveness did not take over on that day, it would have been more expensive. Anyway, the carpet project is on my future project list. If only I could have it sooner but things are not easy nowadays.