Do Not Forget The Local Travel

Thanks to cheaper plane fares, people are traveling more. It used to be that the international destinations  were more expensive than the local destinations but because of budget plane fares, people are traveling abroad more. This is good but a lot more people now prefers to go abroad than see the local destinations.

Me and my friends started traveling long before these budget travels came along. Back then, the travel cost were not only expensive but the bookings were quite difficult to make. Back then, there was no internet, no mobile phones and such conveniences to make things easy for travelers to book for their vacation. But we made a pact, travel locally as much as we can before we could allow ourselves to travel abroad inspite of the difficulties we encounters.  We did and we still do and we had great adventures.

Of course, we are now traveling abroad too but at least, once a year me and my friend-travel companions travel locally. Not only we learn more about our country but we also get to appreciate our own culture, people and heritage. So, whenever I hear people telling stories about their travel abroad, I also encourage them to travel local too.