Weight Gain On Christmas Season

Note to self: Do not ever gain weight this Christmas season or you will get back to box training like you will be going on a match against Pacquiao and will also have to get back to running like your butt is on fire.

Christmas season is a season for partying and bingeing that only a few stayed on their weight as the new year enters. I know the feeling and I hated it but also, there was a few Christmas seasons that not only did I maintained my weight but actually lose some. What did I do?

Sure, I tasted the party food but just tasted not eat them entirely. In some instances, delaying the gratification worked because the food disappeared after I delayed eating them (thanks to those who were not mindful of what they pick). And even if the gym always looked stranded during this Christmas season, working out was a must. No matter if the party is on the next hour, hitting the gym to burn the fat. It worked.

Hopefully, there will be a repeat for this year. Already, the aerobics time was doubled to two hours mixed in with a few boxing sessions and a few runs around the gym’s running track.

Meantime, let’s not forget that Christmas time is not party time entirely but it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Like going to the gym, sharing our blessings and helping our less fortunate brothers is not an option but a must.