Help For Mindanao

Mindanao has always been a typhoon free part of the Philippines. We were proud of it considering that most part of the Philippines have always been battered by 30 to 40 typhoons a  year. We grew up in this place content with heavy rains and recently, a few surprises of flashfloods. In fact, we had more bad press from rebel situation news than about weather-related ones. It started to changed recently though. Flash floods took over some parts of our city more than a year ago leaving death and devastation. Last December, Typhoon Sendong's wrathful waters caused landslides and flashfloods during Christmas time last year. But slowly, reticent as always, our people picked up the pieces and rebuild.

This is now being challenged. Typhoon Pablo (international name: Bopha) came in packing 160-more than 200 kph winds and made landfall in some parts of Mindanao that have long been considered typhoon-free. Pag-ASA and the local government units prepared and warned the people to evacuate and brace themselves as this strong typhoon promised to be one for the books. Indeed, after making landfall in some parts of Davao Oriental and the Bukidnon area early this week, Typhoon Pablo left such huge devastation that left thousands of Mindanaoans shellshocked and homeless.  There are now more 300 people confirmed dead and about 500 people that are still missing.

These typhoon victims could not live and could not go on with their lives without help. Let us help our brothers and sisters who not only lost their homes but also their loved ones. A few peso could go a long way for their basic needs. We could delve from our Christmas shopping budget to help provide for the typhoon victims' basic needs: food, shelter and medicine.

To help, there are several ways but I would rather recommend Philippine National Red Cross and Gawad Kalinga. Both are actively coordinating and helping for the delivery of relief goods to the typhoon victims.