2012 Philippine Holidays

Finally, I got the list of the 2012 Philippine holidays. For what are this? For travel plans, of course! Here it is...

Under Proclamation 295 issued by Malacanang late Thursday, January 23 (Chinese New Year), which falls on a Monday, has been declared special non-working holiday.

"The joint celebration is a manifestation of our solidarity with our Chinese Filipino brethren who have been part of our lives in many respects as a country and as a people," President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, himself of Chinese heritage, said in the proclamation.

Although Malacanang said "23 January 2012 may be declared as a special (non-working) day without detriment to public interest," the said date is included in the official list of holidays. In 2012, there are six long weekends.

Complete list of 2012 Holidays:
A. Regular holidays:
New Year’s Day January 1 (Sunday)
Maundy Thursday, April 5
Good Friday, April 6
Araw ng Kagitingan April 9 (Monday)

Labor Day May 1 (Tuesday)
Independence Day June 12 (Tuesday)
National Heroes Day August 27 (Last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day November 30 (Friday)
Christmas Day December 25 (Tuesday)
Rizal Day December 30 (Sunday)

B. Special (Non-Working) Days
Chinese New Year, January 23 (Monday)
Ninoy Aquino Day, August 21 (Tuesday)
All Saints Day, November 1 (Thursday)
Additional special (non-working) day November 2 (Friday)
Last Day of the Year December 31 (Monday)
C. Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary
February 25 (Saturday)


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