PhotoHunt#10 Breakfast

This is the breakfast we ordered at Zola resto-cafe, Baguio City after coming from an all-night travel from Manila to Baguio. The food was good and the restaurant is open 24-hours. My fave is the one on the left corner, the mushroom omelette with java rice which was recommended by the waiter who served us. He said that it is a Baguio-based breakfast and the restaurant's specialty.

The plate on the upper left is the typical American breakfast composed of bacon, hotdog, sunny-side up egg and java rice while the plate on the right is a Filipino breakfast of friend bangus (milkfish), tosino (cured meat), sunny-side up egg and java rice. All breakfasts go with unlimited brewed Benguet coffee.

More breakfast pictures here.


Sue said...

Looks like a good hearty meal! Thanks for stopping by!

sho said...

scissors paper lol.

louann said...

Funny because even if I'm from Baguio, I never tried eating at Zola yet. I must try that soon =)

YTSL said...

Err... don't think an American breakfast typically contains hotdogs and java rice... ;b