What to expect aboard the Norwegian Epic

You may already know some of the basics about the the Norwegian Epic, the newest, largest and certainly the most extravagant ship within the Norwegian Cruise company's fleet, but let's see if we can't inform you a little further. First of all, as its name suggests, the Epic is a substantial craft to say the least. It stretches out to over a thousand feet in length, sits 28.5 feet wide and can cater for up 4,100 guests at any one time.

And the scale of the Epic means it can accommodate a vast array of attractions and activity areas designed to keep every member of any family, couple or group of friends more than happy for the length of their stay. Naturally enough, the destinations that the ship visits and the excursions you can choose from on dry land will contribute to much of the excitement on-board but nonetheless every effort is made to make sure guests are as well looked after and entertained as they can be.

Another important element of the Epic's offering is its capacity to more than match the energy levels of even the most boisterous young children. There are clubs and activity areas designed especially for them and Norwegian is the only cruise line to have enlisted the help of none other than 'Sponge Bob Squarepants' to keep children and perhaps the more incorrigible adults entertained. Meanwhile, there is a quite splendid variety of dinning options for adults and families to choose from and you could comfortably pick a new restaurant each evening and still leave more to try when you return another time.   

Of course, Norwegian isn't the only cruise-line out there offering enticing package holiday deals and UK consumers should perhaps always consider the latest offers being made on Royal Caribbean cruises, wherever in the world it is you're hoping to visit next time around.