Tuesday Travels#41 It's Kadayawan Month

It's August once again. Rainy days are here. The city is always flooded because of it. But, the celebration is moving along as the Kadayawan festival's week-long celebration officially started last August 3. The opening ceremony was led by no less than the City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte. Along with the tribal leaders and city officials, the colorful opening ceremony was held at the People's Park.

Here are some of the photos I took on the said event:
 Mayor Sara Z. Duterte leading the opening ceremonies for the Kadayawan festival. There was an amusing moment when she was about to start her speech though. She was facing the audience so the photographers were scrambling for an angle but she realized that the light was at her back. So, realizing that it was a disadvantage for the photographers, she moved around to face the lights commenting that it's all about documentation.

 The bounty basket, touted as the biggest in the world. I'm inclined to agree cause at about 6 feet in height, the fruits inside the basket went deep right up to the ground.

 One of the Hiyas ng Kadayawan paritcipants being presented to the media at the opening ceremonies of Kadayawan festival.



Mrs.D said...

oh,my! How lively and colorful!

Mel Cole said...

wow, what an amazing festival. that second photo is impressive. very pretty participant. sorry for the very late visit. hopping from Tuesday Travels: http://www.memorylanebymel.com/memory-lane-monday-27-clinton-square-park-travels-at-syracuse-part-1/