What Is The Best Waterproof Camera?

Summer is in full swing now and the question that has been bugging me for weeks now is “What is the best waterproof camera?” Summer fun cannot be complete with pictures and of course, summer cannot be summer without beach escapades. But, I do not want to my Canon DSLR get too exposed in the sand and water so the best option is a waterproof camera. Perfect for the sunny and water shots.

Since last year, a friend had his waterproof Canon Powershot10 (12.1 mp, 3x optical zoom and I saw his photos on Facebook. They were good but the Canon Powershot10 came out about two or three years ago. So, I am quite sure that there are newer models available around. A few keystrokes and I got the list of the top 5 best waterproof cameras I got from online reviews nowadays:

#1 Nikon CoolPix AW100 16 mp, 5x optical zoom, 33 feet waterproof, with GPS

 #2 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 12 mp, 4.6x wide angle, 40 feet waterproof

#3 Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10 16.2 mp, 4x optical zoom, 16 feet waterproof, 3’ touch screen

#4 Fujifilm FinePix X130 14 mp, 5x optical zoom, 16.5 feet waterproof, with GPS

#5 Canon Powershot10 12.1 mp, 3x optical zoom, 33 feet waterproof, 2.5’ LCD screen

All I need right now is the money to buy one of these.