Tuesday Travels#34 Vietnam's Street Food

If the Filipinos like their street food grilled, fried or barbecued, the Vietnamese like their street food with soup, lots of veggies, and with noodles and bread.

While they have the usual dry and crunchy snack foods, which by the way are quite tasty and cheap, the ones that could fill the tummy are the soupy type. 



raya said...

i have never been to Vietnam... those street foods look yummy! here for TT, hope you could visit me back at http://rayainthailand.com/2012/04/24/river-cruising/

emzkie said...

that crunchy food looks good!

from TT, here is my share

Carmel Cole said...

looks so yummy biscuits. hope you could visit my Tuesday Travels :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

feels like home Sis at least d mo masyado miss ang Pinas :-) Dropping by frpm TT

Travelholic said...

Wow! Those stuff are so familiar! We also have those sa Pinas-- that crunchy food particularly! Sarap nyan! :)

Thanks for joining last week's TT! Hope you can join again; linky for this week is now up! ;-)