To Fly Out And Find My Own Nest

For years and until recently, there were no qualms on my part to live with my parents. Some people thought it strange but I was happy with the set-up. There were some limits but the advantages for all of us outweighed the disadvantages. However, things changed after my father died two years ago that the notion of flying out of our family home is getting stronger everyday. It could have been done earlier but the strong apprehension and mistrust in leaving my mother to my brother and his daughters have been bothering me all the time.

The worry is not stopping me nowadays though in checking out real estate prospects whenever opportunity comes. It will be quite a major project if it will push through but with discipline, determination and God’s blessings, it can be done.

Thankfully, the real estate background I had is playing out quite well in this major project. With real estate, the primary major consideration is location, location, location. I already found some really good real estate prospects affordability-wise and location-wise and one of my favorites is the real estate fountain hills. Not only is its location very favorable but also its amenities are quite good. All I need right now is to decide when I should fly out my family home to strike out on my own.