It Should Have Been Las Vegas

A few years back, I went to US to visit some friends and relatives. I went state-hopping for almost a month and included in the itinerary was Las Vegas as one friend wanted to hit the casinos there. While she likes to hit the slot machines from time to time what she really wanted to do was watch the spectacular shows and to take photos of Las Vegas which is known for spectacular sights and sounds.

I traveled with two of my officemates and since we could not agree on what date to visit Las Vegas, we decided to buy the tickets on a later date. It was a wrong move. While we got busy visiting the sights of San Francisco, New York and and even some parts of Texas and South Carolina, we forgot to check the flight fares. When it was time to go to Las Vegas, the flight fares were not to our liking anymore that we had to give up our Las Vegas plans. Regrettably, some friends in Las Vegas have been waiting excitedly for our arrival but we could not afford to get there anymore.

Recently, a friend traveled to Las Vegas and posted some photos in Facebook. She had a grand time she said and her photos looked like it. Her photos and stories reminded me that I missed out on Las Vegas and the fun I could have had. If only we agreed earlier on what date to travel. In fact, if only we took priority on Las Vegas and adjusted our itinerary around it, it would have worked out. So, for the next US trip, I have been checking www.letsgo2.com to make sure that Las Vegas is on the itinerary.