Cookware, Wine Cellars & More

When outfitting your home with top quality equipment designed to facilitate premium food and beverage preparation it can be complicated – there are so many choices it’s hard to know what’s right for you. Many folks swear by induction compatible cookware while others must have cast iron or enamel clad cast iron; some folks insist on aluminum while old school cooks often prefer copper. The reality is that most cooks have an array of cookware in assorted materials ranging from metal to ceramic and glass – there really is no one size fits all cookware solution.
It is important to look at design and construction when selecting better quality cookware. You will find that craftsmanship really does make a difference. Handles should be securely attached to the pot or pan if they are not cast as part of it; lids should have a snug fit and pans should be flat and smooth to properly conduct heat. Fancy ornamentation is pretty if you simply want to display your cookware, but it can be awkward to work with and hard to clean – clean lines and smooth finishes are more practical.
Wine storage is another area where there are hundreds of options and you can easily spend thousands of dollars and still not achieve a satisfactory result. For most folks wine fridges beat cellars as a storage option – they are cost effective and take up minimal space. The average wine refrigerator holds 12 or 24 bottles but you will find some competitively priced models which hold as many as 48 bottles yet use a very small footprint. A wine chiller is another great option when you have very limited space.