Always Read

I grew up seeing my father reading his newspapers every morning while having breakfast. He even required all of us to read the newspapers until it became a habit. I took to the habit without hassle because I have always loved to read while my brother complained about it from to time. To this day, reading newspaper is a daily habit that I have been trying to instill to my nieces for years now. 

Why read the paper when you have the TV, internet and radio? Aside from the fact that I like the smell and feel of paper (like my dog, Kibol, who would always love to roll over our used newspaper whenever he has the chance), reading the papers actually improves your reading comprehension, grammar and composition. The articles are easy to read so there would be no need to look for the dictionary most of the time. They are simple and concise because the rule of answering the what, where, when, who and how would always be answered on the first paragraph. And of course, the daily paper carries a variety of subjects and features that there are topics for just everyone. 

Why am I babbling about reading the newspapers, you might wonder. I just read a school-required paper done by a niece and an inspection report done by a colleague. Both papers were done so badly with the latter just a teeny-weeny better that I was tempted to redo them myself. Both are from the generation of cellphones, facebook, computer games and the whole shebang of the internet. I know that my niece prefers to do the malling and the most reading she did outside from school was reading the text messages from her cellphone. Not sure about the colleague but I suspect that reading is not a hobby of hers too.
When one reads, there is a certain way of difference one writes or says. I could be wrong but one thing is for sure, reading helped me tremendously not only  in school and at work but it also helped a lot the way I look at things in life.