Tuesday Travels#43 Let's Indak-indak!

For years now, Kadayawan Festival's popularity has steadily risen. The festival started in the mid-80s and was originally called Apoduwaling Festival. A combination of three words, Apo (which pertains to Mt. Apo), Durian (the king of fruits) and Waling-waling orchid. All three can be found in Davao and its surrounding areas.

There are several Kadayawan festival events that make people from all over the world visit Davao City.  Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (streetdancing) is one of the top draws. Participant-dancers from all over the country come and showcase their colorful native costumes and native dances.

Photos were taken during the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (streetdance) last August 18, 2012.



Bless said...

I heard so much about the festival in Davao :-) Maybe one day I get to experience it if we can go home to Pinas on that month :-) THanks for sharing your photos .

Visiting from TT!