PhotoHunt#118 Male

Takuma Ishijou,cosplay

Takuma Isjihou,cosplay

I thought the model was a male. The character being played was Takuma Ichijou. A male, blond-haired vampire in the anime world. Was I wrong! Because the model was a girl and she played the character quite well that it took me a while to realize that she was indeed a girl, a pretty one at that. The model was Zhel Guiral for a photoshoot for a cause that we did last month. Way to go, Zhel!

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EastCoastLife said...

At first glance, I thought 'he' was pretty for a male. :)

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

I thought it was a girl right away. Very pretty girl, too!

Mar said...

Me, too, ECL. But there are pretty males out there :)

Thom said...

I thought what the heck is she posting for male. I thought it was a woman right off the bat for some reason. Maybe she's too pretty to be a man :)

Julie said...

What a handsome girl :D

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You fooled me at first, too. With "male" as the theme, I wouldn't have thought twice that she wasn't a he pretending to be a she. :-) Happy Holidays!