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For almost two months  my blog could not publish into the cyberworld. It has somehow stop publishing after my attempts in renewing my blog with blogger went kaput. The difficulty in accessing help from blogger also exacerbated my problem. So, after worrying so much about it, I have decided to just get back to being blogspot while trying to figure out how to get back to my custom domain. So, here I am publishing in blogspot. 
Without my blog, I missed a lot of things to say. I missed talking about Megan Young’s Miss World 2013 coronation.  I missed yakking about  the US government shutdown that had me wondering how come the super powerful country has got into such situation (has common sense gone unknown?).  I missed saying my piece about the Zamboanga siege (selfishness and greed were big contributors to such unfortunate situation). I just missed talking about whatever considering my blog always helped me in putting my thoughts together.  Never thought that I could miss blogging until I lost my blog temporarily.

The problem started when I started renewing my domain blog with blogger by paying thru credit card. When the inability to pay thru credit card started a few weeks prior expiration date,  I was traveling abroad. Whenever time and connection allowed, I checked on my blog and the thought that I would be having problems with the renewal never occurred to me considering that it has been an annual activity for some years ago.  Compliance is the culprit.  Well, I still have other blogs that I need to get back to but sentimental value sometimes could get a better hold considering what I missed was my first and only custom domain. Praying that I could get it back soon enough.